Guy Dartnell: Inward Out

Guy Dartnell: Inward Out

Dance4 Associate Artist Guy is an internationally recognised and award-winning solo and collaborative artist whose work spans across interdisciplinary performance.

The creator of five solo shows, he's also the co-director of oogly boogly and Associate with Lone Twin Theatre and Improbable. He is also director Live Heart, an inclusive improvisational ensemble.

Inward Out is an experimental, durational participatory event, offering two different yet similar experiences. Sit, lie and/or relax in stillness and silence: contemplate and meditate, witness the 'spectacle' and atmosphere of others in their contemplation around you, or do both. Are they distinct? Is this a non-event; is something 'creative' taking place?

Development supported by Dance4, Nottingham Contemporary and Oak Field School and Sports College, Nottingham.

Inward Out is currently available to tour.

If your interested in booking Inward Out please contact the Producing Team: producingteam [at] dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk or 0115 941 0773