Miguel Pereira: Opus 49

Miguel Pereira: Opus 49

Miguel's work is often autobiographical and draws on the interests and lives of those he collaborates with.

Text is central to his work, both in speaking and in its absence. He also plays with the expectations of dance - its virtuosity, the requirement of movement and the importance of the body.

Miguel is a professional performance artist. He loves what he does. He wants to be an amateur. In Opus 49, Miguel places himself in limbo between the finished and unfinished, the controlled and the liberated. In this way he seeks the freedom and pleasure usually the domain of the amateur; a space where it is possible to reflect, understand or even change the world. 

Co-produced by Dance4 (UK) and Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (Portugal). With thanks for residency funds to Fundacoao Calouste Gulbenkian. Produced by O Rumo do Fumo - supported by Presidencia Do Conselho De Ministros - Secretaria De Estado Da Cultura / Direccao Geral Das Artes.

If your interested in booking Opus 49, please contact the Dance4 Producing Team: producingteam [at] dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk or 0115 941 0773