A Conversation Place #9

A Conversation Place #9

Maria Witek and Lucy Suggate
Dance4's Jim a conversation between Maria Witek, post-doctoral researcher (Denmark) and dance artist Lucy Suggate (UK).

'...the music is a seperate, external thing, but the perception of it is affected by us as well...' -Maria Witek

During this clip, correlations between music and movement are discussed in relation to groove and neurology (different states of awareness). Lucy and Maria ask where the desire to move comes from, how we relate to sound and how the anatomy responds...

A Conversation Place brings together intriguing and provoking combinations of people who wouldn't normally meet face-to-face to shine a new light on the discourse that surrounds contemporary dance and choreographic practice. We hope that brief glimpses of the lives and ideas of our Dance4 friends can open up different perspectives.

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