A Conversation Place #12

A Conversation Place #12

James Elsey and The Demolition Project
Dance4's Jim hosts a conversation between James Elsey (Geography Student and Artist) and The Demolition Project (Activists and Artists - Alisa Oleva and Debbie Kent).

'People will interact and come together with strangers over their choices of things to demolish...' - Debbie Kent.

James has been researching the urban and social issues in London, such as the demolition of some of Brixton’s housing estates.

The Demolition Project invites people to cut out an area of their city from a map during public consultations and discuss their decision and the impact it might have on the reimagined city.

The conversation draws on examples from Moscow, Nottingham and London to reveal the choreography found in the movement of population through gentrification, how the built environment informs and is influenced by ideology and how this is connected to dominant economic systems.

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