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Candoco Dance Company & Jerome Bel's 'The Show Must Go On' is reviewed by Jacob Seelochan, Nottingham Alternative Film Network.
21st April
Over 60 performances across 20 venues and outdoor spaces, 75 performers, and over 20,000 audience members: Nottdance Festival 2015 has been an unforgettable success!
20th April
Watch Allan Binns of Nottingham's Bohunk Institue share his insight into Candoco Dance Company's restaging of Jérôme Bel's 'The Show Must Go On' which is being performed at Nottingham Playhouse on Friday 17 & Saturday 18 April 2015.
9th April
Check out some of the highlights of the festival. Tweet us @Dance_4 and tell us what your favourite #nottdance moments were.
9th April
Following the premiere of Candoco Dance Company & Jérôme Bel’s The Show Must Go On at Sadler’s Wells on 20 & 21 March, audience members give their impressions and thoughts.
7th April
Candoco Dance Company & Jerome Bel


The cast of The Show Must Go On share their experiences of performing in this one-of-a-kind show!
24th March
Joe Gaten reviews 'Inside Opulence' by Jack Webb performed at Nottingham Contemporary as part of Nottdance 2015
24th March
Ruby Rosa Daley reviews Rosemary Butcher In Conversation during Nottdance 2015 on Nottingham Alternative Film Network
24th March
The chemistry of the cast and the unerring wit and humanity of the direction are irresistible. *****
24th March
A 5 Star Review by Judith Mackrell, The Guardian
Review of Wendy Houstoun's performance Stupid Women during Nottdance 2015.
19th March
Take Nottdance home by purchasing this year's souvenir - the festival limited edition T-shirt.
19th March
How can you call it dance if there's no dancing in it?! Find out about France's chief provocateur Jerome Bel, and if you're intrigued, come and see his live show 'The Show Must Go On' at Nottingham Playhouse.
17th March
Ultima Vez​: a group of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things on stage. And when I say extraordinary, I mean it in the most genuine way possible...
17th March
Ultima Vez reviewed by Jacob Seelochan
See George Stamos perform reel. on Saturday March 14 and Sunday March 15 across locations in Nottingham City. reel is a twirling meditation; oscillating between ritual, performance and play.
13th March
Nottdance is coming to its final weekend. There are so many performances to watch and follow, many of which are free.
13th March
an at-a-glance event map
Check out the performance schedule for Florence Peake's 'Lay Me Down' being performed on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March for FREE!
3rd March


Dance4 is looking for reliable and enthusiastic volunteers to help at a number of our Nottdance events.
24th February
See what Nottingham's venues, restaurants, and hotels are offering Nottdance Festival ticket holders.
12th February
Be the first to see the trailer featuring some of the highlights in this year's Nottdance Festival.
12th February
From the beautiful and kitsch to the weird and wonderful, we'd love to see what you have to offer in - you gussed it - under 3 minutes!
12th February


Dance4 presents the 24th Nottdance Festival. Nottingham's own biennial international dance and performance festival that continues to platform artists exploring new territories.
30th January
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Nottdance Festival 2015 will take place from 5-15 March presenting over 40 diverse, thrilling, profound, risk-taking, funny and provocative performances and events.
12th December
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