Katie Ward (CANADA)

Katie Ward (CANADA)

Katie Ward lives and works in Montreal. In 2011 she founded Compagnie Katie Ward.

Most recently Katie presented her brand new 40 minute solo Reality at Casa Del Popolo and Fluid Festival in Calgary. Her last creation, Rock Steady, was created and performed in Montreal, in France and in the UK.

Katie has several other creations under her belt including Hawks and Doves (Tangente, 2007), The Thrills: Wilderness Retreat (Tangente, 2005) and Collapsible Uprisings (Salle André-Pagé, 2004).
Katie was co-founder of the artists group – The Choreographers. From 2008-2011 they co-created and presented two works: Man and Mouse and Oh! Canada.

Katie studied contemporary dance and at Winnipeg’s School of Contemporary Dance, physical theatre at Primus Theatre, and choreography, visual art and art history at Concordia University. Other formative studies were with Stephanie Skura, Chrysa Parkinson and Eric Franklin. In 2013 Katie taught creative process in the Department of Contemporary Dance at Concordia University.

See Katie's performance Infinity Doughnut on Thursday 12 March and a durational installation version on Friday 13 March.


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