Born in 1969, Nicole Beutler studied German Literature, Fine Arts and then Dance and Choreography at Amsterdam's School for New Dance Development (SNDO).

As a choreographer she often collaborates with artists from other disciplines, always searching for new forms of expression at the interface of theatre, dance and the visual arts. Suffused with subtle humour, Beutler's work is characterised by the close interrelationship between content and form, and a musical approach to composition.

NBprojects realises projects by choreographer and curator Nicole Beutler, often working in collaboration with other artists and organisations. All NBprojects initiatives are deeply rooted in a desire to create the conditions for meaningful encounter, exchange and reflection within an artistic practise that by definition oversteps the boundaries of established disciplines. Her primary motivation draws on a desire to create space and attention for 'other', the unknown and the unexpected.

See Nicole's performance 1: Songs at Nottdance Festival 2015.

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