Rosemary Butcher (UK)

Rosemary Butcher (UK)

In nearly four decades Rosemary Butcher has made over 50 works, presented in more that 40 countries worldwide and is internationally regarded as one of Europe’s most consistently radical and innovative choreographers.

Profoundly influenced by her time in New York from 1970-72 where she encountered the work of The Judson Group at its height, she subsequently introduced those ideas to Britain at her 1976 ground breaking concert in London’s Serpentine Gallery. Since then, Butcher has developed her own movement language and choreographic structure. By her determination to remain an independent artist, her use of cross arts collaboration in music, visual arts, film and architecture within the choreographic process and her frequent choice of non-theatrical spaces to present her work, she has forged her own place within the European contemporary dance scene. Unlike many of her British contemporaries who see their work as Dance-Theatre, Butcher’s influence has followed the ideas and concepts of the visual arts, particularly in painting and sculpture, and has engaged with the developing philosophies within those movements.

See Rosemary's double bill performance Secrets of the Open Sea and Test pieces on Friday 6 March and Saturday 7 March as part of Nottdance Festival 2015. 

Rosemary will also be in conversation at Bohunk Gallery - where her archive exhibition Memory in the Present Tense: Rosemary Butcher at Work 1976 - Present will be on show from 5 - 15 March.

See Rosemary in conversation on Saturday 7 March and Saturday 14 March at Bohunk.


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