Concluding Nottdance 2015

Over 60 performances across 20 venues and outdoor spaces, 75 performers, and over 20,000 audience members: Nottdance Festival 2015 has been an unforgettable success!

This year's festival has seen bodies bewitching and bold; voices vibrant and veracious, and responses roaring and revived. We have experienced remarkable moments of tranquil serenity, reckless endangerment, improvised madness, and impeccable imitation.

“I am overwhelmed by the fantastic success of this year’s Nottdance Festival. The standard of work has been incredibly high, and the feedback from audiences and critics alike has been outstanding. I believe the festival as a whole has really embodied what Dance4 is all about and has highlighted some of the most interesting current explorations within 21st century dance, especially by female choreographers and dance artists.

"The Festival has brought about new and existing relationships with world-class venues in Nottingham and I am looking forward to developing these relationships over the years to come. I would like to thank all of the artists, venues, sponsors, and staff for making this vibrant Festival come alive, and thank you to all who came to see, enjoy and support the work.”
Paul Russ
Artistic Director, Dance4

Nottdance Festival 2015 has had spectacular coverage from the press and social media. Here is a small selection:

- Alison Kirkman, 9 March 2015. Nottdance Kicks Off. Left Lion. [Online]
- Jacob Seelochan, 13 March 2015. SKIP, HOP, JUMP, RUN, DASH, SPRINT WITH ULTIMA VEZ. Nottingham Alternative Film Network. [Online]
- Carmel Smith, 28 February 2015. Nottdance - get happy. London Dance. [Online]
- Matt Trueman, 17 February 2015. To hum is to be human: the power of polyphonic song. The Guardian. [Online]
- Jacob Seelochan, 21 April 2015. THE SHOW MUST GO ON: THE FREEDOM OF DANCE AND MUSIC. Nottingham Alternative Film Network. [Online]

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