Choreographers needed for research...

Choreographers needed for research...

Research into choreographic practice and happiness
Dance4 Associate Artist Robert Clark is searching for 100 choreographers to take part in a joint research project he is undertaking with Clinical Psychologist Chris Irons and his charitable foundation,

This research will collect data on the effects of being involved or leading creative processes (in a dance context), examining the relationship between this activity and the subjects' and/or choreographers' emotional states, personality traits and behaviours.

This initial research will consist of a series of online questionnaires that promises not to be taxing for those involved. Rob is offering an incentive for taking part in the form of a raffle where participants will automatically be registered to take part in the research. A cash prize and free rehearsal space with a National Dance Agency (TBC) will be offered to three winners.

Chris and Robert intend to follow this initial study with a second more in depth research (pending the results and findings of this first study) that will incorporate working with Chris on a therapeutic model that works to develop participants "self compassion" (for more information follow the compassionate mind web link or visit where Chris is a faculty member).

They are looking for choreographers who are professional, by which they mean graduates with a more than one work that has been shown since graduation.

If you are interested in part of the research please contact Robert on info [at] robert-clark [dot] org [dot] uk ASAP. 

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