4 weeks to go!

OK, so I'm currently sitting on a train and thought that now would be an appropriate time to begin my blogging journey….

So we had a rehearsal on Saturday for Episodes and started off the session with a famous Jen warm up (meaning that we all get worked very, very hard!). In the previous rehearsal, she had taught us a sequence that would challenge both our movement memory and technique (or lack of it in my case!). We then revisited this during the warm up, although I was very anxious about doing this after having a nightmare during the week that I broke my arm whilst dancing this and that Jen had shouted at me for not carrying on (hahaha)!!

Then to the dance itself…In the previous rehearsal we had all learnt a motif for the main chorus of the song, however this was quite technical and so in small groups we familiarised ourselves with the sequence and watched one another for timing and accuracy. As a whole group we then performed the motif for Carrie and Jen; however there were some timing differences! Oddly, we found it easier to time the motif against the lyrics of the song rather than counting, which meant when running through the motif again without music, we were singing the song whilst dancing – a workout in itself!

The most satisfying thing was when we had all got the timing together perfect and then being able to focus on the performance aspect of this section of the dance – the elation, joy and happiness of freedom after being oppressed for so long. I really love the music (‘Feeling Good’ by Muse) and it’s great fun dancing to it. I think we all now need to start enjoying it much more and not worry about the steps as Carrie had repeatedly told us, and begin to communicate the true elation of being free!!