a bit about me!

Me and my bruised legs!

Hi my name’s Sophie Hatton, I’m 18 years old and I’m currently studying at NCN Clarendon for my BTEC Extended Diploma in Acting. I have a real passion for all areas of the performing arts, including acting, singing and of course, dancing. I am part of Flying High Expressive Arts Company and have been dancing with them for almost 10 years. Before Flying High, I’d never danced and often laugh thinking back to those first few sessions where I plodded along very happily, crashing about here, there, everywhere, covered in bruises!  Although sitting here now looking at my black and blue legs after dance, I suppose some things never really change!!                                                                                                                               

With Flying High, I’ve been lucky enough to perform for the past six years at U.Dance Episodes and can with all honestly say it’s one of the most exciting projects I look forward to most at dance. From the performance itself to the creative process of choreographing the dance, each year is completely different from the next and it’s so fantastic to bare witness to such great talent all in one night! Bring on Episodes 2013!!