Only 2 weeks away now!

Costume change: will it or won’t it work?

So today was the first chance we were able to run both dances together which was extremely exciting, but also quite frightening trying to remember the first dance! Luckily, this wasn’t as big of a challenge as I thought it may have been (huge sigh of relief!) and it was great fun to finally dance both pieces one after the other.                                                                                        

Between the two dances it had been decided weeks ago that there would be a quick costume change to help emphasise the change from being oppressed to freedom – sounds simple enough? Well, our dance teacher Carrie had told us today that we would only have 30 seconds to all change simultaneously! Arghh, help!!! Until the costumes are ready we don’t know if this will work or not, so I think in the meantime we definitely should all practise getting changed in the mornings in less than 30 seconds! How about that for a dancer’s preparation?  I wonder if some of the best dance companies in the world are also experts at costume changes. I mean, Does Ballet Rambert do specialist lessons in the art of quick costume changes??

It seems such a shame that if we are able to pull off this massive costume change, that we are hidden from the audience, who I’m sure would be mightily impressed! However in our Olympic dance last year for Episodes, costume changes on stage was integrated into the piece, so to avoid repeating the same ideas again, I think the answer to that is a no unfortunately…