Only 3 weeks remaining...

I think the phrase “no pain, no gain” would sum up this week’s rehearsal for me!

From accidentally punching someone in the face, acquiring the normal bruised legs, to stubbing a toe, Flying High certainly doesn’t do things by half!! Yet despite all of these minor setbacks, we were able to pull together and create some fab pieces of contact improvisation that would help to build to the climax of the dance.  Again, one thing we did struggle with was counting to the music, which meant listening very carefully, something which a group of chatty teenage girls like ourselves can struggle with at the best of times (haha)!!

The end result I thought was very pleasing and we even had some time left to experiment with a lift for the climax – this involved creating a human wall for one member of the group to climb up (with the support of two others), then jumping high in the air into the arms of the rest of the remaining dancers….sounds quite impressive, eh? Well believe me, it looks a lot simpler than it is! Once we had finally mastered how to do this neatly and SAFELY I might add, we rehearsed this through a few times so we all felt confident with this, even the person being thrown into the air!

With three weeks to go, we are almost there in finishing the dance (big sigh of relief) and I can’t quite explain how excited I am to be able to perform this dance on the Playhouse Stage – one of the best stages in Nottingham! Exciting times ahead!!!