Blog 11 - Finding my reflection

Photo Credit: Rob Edwards - Dream-Work (Bristol), Bodies in Flight

Originally conceived to be experienced as part of the (morning) commute the Dream-Work walks (with Wirksworth now 4 in total) ask the audience-spectators to share the same time within (the sometimes very) public –space (amongst the host of others) and simultaneously occupy a distinctly different time/temporality from those other-others who pass us by, whose purpose in this time is very different. (We recognize each passer by has their own time and tempo). 

We invite the auditor-spectators to both move with us, often to follow in our footsteps and against the dominant flow of the commute (for the first 3 versions we deliberately choreographed the walks in the morning rush hour against the dominant flow), stepping across, aside, to step outside from it AND to dwell with us (performers/directors/makers), to come alongside, to be-come still (–er).
To stop.
To look, to listen, to smell, to taste and to take stock.
To dwell and to be still-er.

*Video footage was gathered from 6 different performances over Saturday & Sunday 17th & 18th and shown at the University of Northampton’s Annual Postgraduate Conference on the 21st & 22nd of September with my accompanying audio commentary.