Blog 7 - Reflexive Practice

Photo Credit: Tony Judge - Dream Work (Nottingham), Bodies in Flight

I am reflecting upon my conversation with Simon (Ellis). Again from this self-reflexive place I currently inhabit I return to my particular uniqueness as a maker-spectator.

I remember arriving to witness Simon’s work Leaving at the station, straight off a train, suitcase in tow and fresh from gazing out of the window at the passing landscapes, littered with portraits, and reflecting upon how becoming still was so well used in last nights opera. Of course they know how to employ stillness! Alighting with the sound of the wheels of my suitcase puncturing the stillness, the quietness of the performance, the performers held in embraces on the bridge. The last time I dwelt in this station was in the making of Dream-Work (our audio-performance walk) for nottdance 2009. My dance spilling out onto the streets, beyond its usual boundaries.

Looking back Dream Work was a site for placing stillness within the everyday and moving alongside the everyday (though never the same as…….the ordinary becomes extra-ordinary). Catching the everyday and attending to it. I loved making Dream Work in Nottingham, it was like being home. Being with Simon, dwelling in that site made me feel nostalgic. I luxuriate in the Greek translation. “I ache for……” (Seremetakis: 4).

C Nadia Seremetakis (ed) 1994 The Senses Still: Perception and memory as material culture in modernity. Boulder; Oxford : Westview Press