BeAt spACe BEat

BeAt spACe BEat

Sivan Rubinstein
Break the structure, the rules and the frame. Explore a whole new range of possibilities within a world without disabilities.

If academics punish students for doing wrong while they are practicing art, they will extinguish their creativity (Interview with Disability Coordinator of Trinitylaban). BEat sPAce BeAt is an ongoing research project focussed around learning disabilities. It examines the effects of the traditional pedagogic methods used and the repercussions this may have on the creative flow of students.

The work translates through movement, sound and text the struggle with academia and offers a peek into the dyslexic’s mind. It uncovers other possible ways of being and creating within educational institutions.

BEat sPAce BeAt is a human installation accompanied by an unusual live sound track. The audience is invited into a space where the performers are triggered by one another, moving with a liberty that exploits the dynamics in their bodies and minds.

Sivan Rubinstein was diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age, this project was designed to raise awareness, create an open discussion about learning disabilities and create art in a space full of quality and possibility.