Big Dance

Big Dance

Big Dance Pledge 2016
On Friday 20 May thousands of people from around the world took part in the Big Dance Pledge 2016, choreographed by Akram Khan.

In the East Midlands groups performed the Big Dance Pledge  in differnet locations in Nottingham, Leicester and Wellingborough.

In Nottingham a group of adults came together from The Park area for a beautiful evening performance on the Terrace of The Walton Hotel amidst the Friday night crowds who were settling down to a pint and a bite to eat. The group enjoyed the experience so much they are performing their piece again at The Farmers Market in The Park on the 29 May.

In Leicester The Big Dance Pledge was celebrated by performance groups and crowds over a picnic event held at Leicester Cathedral.

Sooo.. Dancers shared The Pledge by performing it throughout the day at The Castle, Wellingborough.

Trafalgar Square

To open the 2016 Big Dance Festival on 2 July 2016, the Mayor of London and People Dancing have invited 1,000 participants,  to participate in a major dance commission by one of the foremost innovative choreographers in the world, Akram Khan. In the final year of Big Dance, the UK’s biggest celebration of dance and dancing, this is a great opportunity for dance groups and individuals to learn a new piece of choreography by Akram Khan, and then come together for a unique afternoon of dance performances in an iconic London location

Curve Young Dancers will be joining the Nottingham adult group from The Park to perform at the  event in Trafalgar Square, on 2 July. 

For more information on the Trafalgar Square event click here.

For all information about Big Dance nationally including the Big Dance Week,click here for full information.

Although the Pledge Performance Day has passed, you can continue to perform and use the Pledge resources however you like which are available online for more information click here.

The Big Dance Pledge will continue to be performed and shared amongst groups in the East Midlands region as part of school and community events and activities including events in Lincolnshire and Derbyshire listed below.

artsNK & North Kesteven Secondary School Summer Primary School Festival
Thursday 7 July 2016, 6pm and 7.15pm
Terry O'Toole Theatre

artsNK Youth Dance Programme Showcase
Thursday 14 July 2016, 6.30pm
Terry O'Toole Theatre

The Academy Show will use the pledge as a starting point for all the material in the showcase. Using the inspired by films.

BA Dance and Theatre Arts students from Derby University will be using the Big Dance Pledge choreography as part of Nature Connections festival on Wednesday 15 June.