An event where comedians perform their sets and dancers improvise and react on stage with them. And then they swap, with comedians dancing and dancers performing stand up....what could go wrong?

At the tail end of 2016, Dan Nicholas received news that he had been
 awarded funding from Arts Council England, with support from Dance4 to research
 and develop one of his projects – D.A.N.C.E (Developing a New Comedy Experience).

This is an event that's been running in some format since late
 2015, and involves comedians performing their sets and dancers improvising and
 reacting to them on stage.

Dan has been interested around the parallels between dance and
 comedy for a while. Dan wants to explore If there
 was a circuit like there is in comedy. Is there an obvious route for 
progression, do dancers take shows to Edinburgh – how long are they usually? But he also wondered about the performance and what it feels 
like performing to an audience, in an art form that usually doesn’t expect an 
instant reaction from the audience in the same way Stand Up comedy does with

Future Events:

SUNDAY 29 OCTOBER  Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester LE1 7HA
SUNDAY 12 NOVEMBER  iC4C, Space 2, Nottingham NG3 2AR