THE MOMENT WHEN... Welcome to the improv blog page. Here we invite artists, audience members, participants and onlookers to share thoughts and feelings about 'improv moments' they have experienced.

Professional artist Miriam Keye shares a moment from the recent Quick Shifts event that Dance4 presents in partnership with Embrace Arts in Leicester  

The moment when...
Our private empty playground became a living, breathing, waiting... wondering... expecting(?) theatre space.
A venue manager, a technician, lights, the potential for sound, a sea of faces...
... and all I was absolutely sure of was that over the next hour there would be three duets - one after the other - and an ensemble piece.
Each duet different; dancing between the infinite possibilities of body, breath, time, space, intention: Each duet the same; rooted in the action of punctuating the movement by closing hands around wrists and taking the darkness, becoming the watched.
Who will duet with who? How long will they be? Silence or music? What music?
The ensemble score; commitment to the whole, a clarity in entering & exiting.
We sat, the six dancers, poised between audience and stage, the moment pregnant with possibility. The first two chose their place and from the audience I saw it. I felt it.
The moment when...
To me there was a shift of consciousness from somewhere around where the audience is, to hover over the duet, to pour throught the dancers' bodies and fill them to their feet. A shift of presence. A shift inside and outside awareness.  

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