Fevered Sleep (UK)

Fevered Sleep (UK)

Dance4 are proud to work with Fevered Sleep on a variety of projects. Find out more on this page.

About Fevered Sleep

Fevered Sleep makes performances, installations, films, books and digital art, for adults and for children.

Fearless about experimentation and passionate about research, they develop brave, thought-provoking projects that challenge people to rethink their relationships with each other and with the world.

Fevered Sleep thrive on risk - in the themes they choose to explore and the forms they choose to work in, and they balance this by working to meticulously high standards with a dynamic team and with a wide range of collaborators: from world-class artists, expert thinkers and researchers, to members of the public, schoolchildren and their audiences.

Their projects appear in very diverse places, across the UK and beyond, from theatres, galleries and cinemas, to parks, beaches and schools, and in the spaces of everyday life: in people's homes, on phones, online. Whatever they make and wherever it's experienced, they're driven by an ambition to present outstanding and transformative art.

Wanting (In Development)

Children have a strange status in our society. They are protected, revered, encouraged and loved; and they are controlled, managed, restricted and subdued. We adore them, and we hate them. We want them to be free, and we want them under our control.

Like everything else, all of these things are intensified when placed in a gallery setting. Children's status as citizens and as people with agency and rights, can be celebrated; and their otherness, their strange presence, and their threat to the order of things can grow stronger.

Men & Girls Dance

Men & Girls Dance is a celebration of the rights of adults and children to be together, to play together and to dance together. At times playful, at times provocative, emotionally charged, and deeply political, Men & Girls Dance is a celebration of tenderness, empathy, care, protection and love.

Men & Girls Dance was created during August 2015 when Fevered Sleep invited 9 local girls and 5 professional male dancers to join them in a month-long residency at Greenwich Dance. Fevered Sleep are now touring the work from 2016, recreating the residency model with partners in different cities who will 'host' the project for two weeks at a time. In each location, Fevered Sleep and their partners will recruit a company of 9 local girls and create the piece anew.

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Created for an adult audience, Men & Girls Dance continues Fevered Sleep's ambition to encourage audiences to think about the world in different ways, to start conversations, and invite new thinking.

"Men & Girls Dance is a tender, funny and touching exploration and celebration of human relationships" - Parent of participant, Greenwich Dance

"The performance was extremely moving. Very insightful and thought provoking. I don't think I will ever forget this dance piece. Thank you for making this experience so special, and for nurturing young dancers to be inspired to take risks within their own dance practices." - Parent of participant, Greenwich Dance

"Best dance thing I've ever done. We weren't following a leader, they let us come up with our own ideas. I just absolutely loved it." - Participant in London

"We would never have seen the same group of people connecting with a piece of contemporary performance at that level without this kind of co-created work." -  Allegra Galvin, Director or Quarterhouse Folkestone

Men & Girls Dance is produced in association with Fuel.  Commissioned by The Place.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Paul Hamlyn foundation, Wellcome trust, Dance4, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Greenhouse and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Development of Men & Girls Dance was supported by The Place, London; The Point, Eastleigh; Dance4; Quarterhouse, Folkestone; the Jerwood Choreographic Research Project; Greenhouse and Greenwich Dance.