Gary Clarke's LUSTRUM

Gary Clarke's LUSTRUM

An opportunity for dance artists and musicians
Dance4 hosts LUSTRUM East Midlands between 7 - 12 July 2014 and DanceXchange hosts LUSTRUM West MIdlands between 13 - 18 July 2014.

Dance4 and DanceXchange are inviting applications from professional dancers, choreographers, musicians and composers to take part in a new choreographic and performance project led by award-winning choreographer Gary Clarke.

LUSTRUM brings together 15 dance artists and five musicians or one five-piece band to devise, create and showcase five dance works (a solo, a duet, a trio, a quartet and a quintet) in five days.

We are seeking:

15 Dance Artists and 5 Musicians or one five-piece band for Lustrum East Midlands.


15 Dance Artists and 5 Musicians or one five-piece band for Lustrum West Midlands.

LUSTRUM is a fast and furious collaborative project driven by creative instinct and quick-fire choices. Using chance to dictate outcomes, participants will switch between the roles of choreographer and performer from day to day, experimenting with the generation of material and creation of performance work in a spontaneous, non-critical way.  This vigorous project offers a unique opportunity for a team of experienced artists to meet, network, exchange ideas, enrich and develop both choreographic and performance skills and experience staging an evening of professional work in a very short time frame.

This is a voluntary opportunity for artist. Artist must cover their own travel and accomodation costs.

If you are interested in taking part in LUSTRUM in etiher the East or West Midands please download an application form attached below or contact rebecca [at] dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk for further information.

Deadline for applications is 5pm Friday 6 June.

LUSTRUM will culminate with a public performance of all 5 new works THE LUSTRUM AFTERMATH


Neville Studio at Nottingham Playhouse

Saturday 12 July


Ticket booking details will be available shortly.


This is a non public event.