Luàn 亂

Luàn 亂

confusion, state of chaos; create chaos
In the ancient form of mandarin the title represents the creative processes and working practice that facilitated this exhibition.

Dance artist Lucia Tong, Dance4 and Nottingham Trent University MA students collaborated to create an immersive and interactive installation; interpreting the meaning of Luàn through movement, installation, sound, costume, surface pattern and film. 

In response to the installation, Lucia worked with dancers Tom Howells and Rae Scudder to create further interpretation of Luàn; looking more at the projects starting point of Chinese language martial arts and supernatural films.

Watch that response below. 

Luàn was part of the East Asian Language Film and Fashion programme developed by Nottingham Trent University School of Art and Design, the School of Arts and Humanities and the Living in Silk Exhibition at the Nottingham Castle Museum and Gallery.