My Nottingham Family: A Pubcrawl

My Nottingham Family: A Pubcrawl

Robert Clark (UK)
"I have history with the city of Nottingham...

Longer than my own life span, stretching out through my mother, uncles and cousins reaching back into the lives of my grandparents. This history is rooted in the city, interwoven in its architecture, culture and its drinking establishments."

Robert invites you to an experience this is both a family portrait and a pub-crawl. This scored walk will lead you into the hazy world of Nottingham's nightlife and as Saturday night becomes Sunday morning discover sides of both the city and Robert’s family, that are touching, interesting, beautiful, ugly, legend and taboo.

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Extra stories... 

Fothergill Watsons

Jules et Jim coffee house (now closed)

The Carter Club, (now the Soul Lounge) 

McCluskys (now closed)

The Portland Arms

A House in Lenton