So Neat14 is over - here are some of my highlights!

As a new member of the Dance4 team, I felt very much thrown into this huge, exciting festival and I thoroughly enjoyed being apart of it. I had a fantastic time watching and meeting some truly talented artists.

Dance4 showcased some brilliant performances, including Maria Hassabi's 'Premiere', Roberta Jean's 'Road Postures', Philippe Blanchard's 'This is That', Ame Henderson's 'what we are saying' and the wonderful Caroline Bowditch's 'Falling In Love with Frida'.

Unfortunately it was impossible to see everything, but I heard some great things about performances like Gob Squads' 'Western Society', Marta Gornicka's 'Magnificat' and was really impressed with 'Somewhat Abstract' at Nottingham Contemporary (and I'm sure I've missed some out).

Pieces that stuck with me were Roberta Jean's 'Road Postures'. I was excited to see the piece as I had missed it previously when it was performed at De Montfort University. The beauty of this performance was not only the movement, sound and costumes, but also the space in which it was shown. I was blown away by the Old Chemistry Building in Nottingham Trent University's campus. It's high ceilings and overwhelming windows created an almost spiritual atmosphere which really added to the piece. I highly recommend seeing 'Road Postures', (even if it isn't shown in The Old Chemistry Building), the dedication and physical actions that these two performers create is like no other.

I felt privileged to see Ame Henderson's piece 'what we are saying' three times; both in rehearsal and the live show. Nottingham Contemporary's 'The Space' is a truly fascinating and breath taking place. High ceilings, a creaky floor and cold concrete walls created the perfect place for this piece to become fully realised. Each movement echoed around the room and created intense concentration from the audience members, but also the feeling of content and fascination. Henderson's piece played with the audience - working in and out of them, toying with their observation and occasionally making them laugh. This piece created a revival of collected memory between all of us - I felt like a child on my first day of school, getting to know my new best friend.

Neat14 has been a truly enjoyable and successful experience. See you all there next year!

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