Professional Development and Training

Professional development is embedded across all our activity, whether this is the programming of work to inspire you, opportunities linked to our ongoing programme of residencies and performances that will help develop your practice, bespoke training sessions and young creative schemes.

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A key part of this area of work is Dance4’s Centre for Advanced Training (CAT), a dedicated part-time training programme created to nurture and support aspiring and talented young people aged 11 – 17 years.

Dance4 is keen to explore new ways of working and we are excited about piloting an Action Learning Programme as a new professional development opportunity for Northamptonshire and Leicestershire based practitioners.

Our objectives for this professional development opportunity are to:

  • Create self-facilitating networks
  • Build confidence and new skills
  • Find alternative solutions to challenges
  • Test out new ways of thinking
  • Offer training to increase the number and range of leaders in the dance sector who can facilitate using an action learning approach

We also schemes for Young Creatives and Young Leaders - see our Young People section for more information.


One of the key ways we support artists is through our residency programme at our studio in Nottingham.

When artists are working with us on residencies or performance programmes we try to find the right opportunities for them to extend that work through workshops, classes or shadowing. This is not about providing an ongoing set of classes or asking practitioners to do workshops simply to have a regular session, rather we talk to artists about how we might best engage with them to reach out and provide exciting events for different individuals and groups across the region and beyond.

Some examples of this has been
Shadowing Opportunities for Dwayne Simms, Mafe Toledo, Natalie Duffield Moore.
One to Ones for experiences with international artists for Rachel Krische (with Jeremy Wade – GERMANY/USA ), Sara Giddens (with Miguel Pereira - PORTUGAL)
Research Artist Rosanna Irvine interviewed Alexandra Harrison, and Sara Giddens spoke to Simon Elllis as part of their PhD work

In addition we try to find opportunities for our Associate Artists to feed into training programmes in the region:

Robert Clark worked on the Graduate Training Programme
Nicola Conibere worked with MA students at Nottingham Trent University and with students at the University of Lincoln.
Guy Dartnell and Tom Morris trained 10 regional artists to work on Oogly Boogly


SHIFT Case Studies

Between 2007 and 2009 Dance4 ran SHIFT, a programme of continuous professional development. Funded by Esme Fairburn Foundation and Arts Council England, SHIFT provided a range of opportunities including technique classes, practical workshops, apprenticeships, residencies and an Associate Artist scheme.