Boy Blue Entertainment EDN project

Boy Blue Entertainment EDN project

Nottingham based artists Rebekah Roberts and Ruthba Choudhury worked with 14 young people from the East Midlands for 8 sessions to create an exciting foyer performance to be performed on the 24 and 25 October at Nottingham Playhouse.

Dance4 worked in partnership with DTP (Dance Touring Partnership) and Nottingham Playhouse to create an outstanding performance opportunity for young people from the East Midlands. The network aims to build audiences for dance, increase the range and diversity of work available and encourage new attenders into dance.

What is EDN? EDN (Everybody Dance Now) is a project for young people that may not have had the opportunity to go the theatre before, or even thought about dancing or getting involved in any form of the arts. It’s also a project for UK based dance artists, to offer enhanced professional development opportunities through working with the highest calibre touring dance companies.

TJ Brennan-Robinson 'It was great being able to work with different people. The performance was awesome and I would love to do this when I get older!'

Demi- Louise Clay 'Amazing, talented and dedicated thank you'

Raminhaa Djalo ' It was a very good and rewarding experience, mixing martial arts with dance resulted in such a good combination as we could see in the performance!' Meet Rebekah and hear her experience below;

So this evening was the final rehearsal and session for #NottinghamNinjas with Ruthba and myself, Rebekah. (Sad face) We started with our usual warm up! Running around the NuProjeks space smiling, laughing and crashing into one another. The #NottinghamNinjas looked happy and comfortable with one another in this new group project!

Most came as individuals and going to leave with great friends. After getting them all warm and sweaty we moved to the rehearsal of the Piece. The anticipated wait in the first position; head down, feet together (no fidgeting, Ruthba shouts) every time!! The music starts, the piece begins, strong focus from all dancers, arms are strong, the animal characters come alive and the scream of the kata 'kiai' from each and every #NottinghamNinja.

This puts a smile on my face as it shows the kids are happy and determined! Ruthba and I, clap and praise the #NottinghamNinjas. Smiles all round as the Ninjas jump up and down knowing full well they have achieved ALOT over the sessions. They feel pumped and want to go again, having walked out of the room I return to a special guest... Frankie J!!! (TheFive cast member!)

I had arranged and Frankie agreed to come down to watch the #NottinghamNinjas last rehearsal to encourage and give them the last bits of feedback! All shocked, within seconds one ninja asked for a photo!! They ask him to show them his dancing, asking him to freestyle and bugging him to join in. The Ninjas are starstruck! A Ninjas spoke up 'can you dance first so you can inspire us to perform better after' WOW Frankie J's smile, he's overwhelmed- shuffles his iPod and gets to sharing a top house dance freestyle! Technical footwork, on point musicality and performance quality that had every Ninja smiling, clapping and Woo'in!

The Ninjas are now amped to share their piece! Heads down, feet together, music begins, chop, kiai, hip hop and roll, heads down and feet together! Frankie J smiles from ear to ear and claps for the #NottinghamNinjas. The feedback and feelings of this moment were beyond words...

Well done Nottingham Ninjas and Thank you ! Meet Ruthba and hear his experience below;

So the EDN project has come to a close and has left me with mixed feelings! On the one hand I am so proud of the young people I have worked with and was great working alongside Rebekah, but I can’t say I’m happy that it has come to a fast approaching end.

The auditions were gruelling but so valuable. Being put through our paces I was determined to come out better than I was going in to it. Kendrick and Mikeys words, methods and advice have left me motivated and inspired to keep going and to be proud of what I do. The main thing I took from it was that it’s amazing to be different!

You then have something else to share and create with so many other different people. Celebrating and acknowledging our differences goes a long way and the work Kendrick and Mikey have done with Boy Blue is a prime example of that! Back in Nottingham getting the session underway was more fun than work I have to say.

With such a great concept to work from (The Five) it was hard to control the many ideas running around in my head and churn out something that captured the majority of the ideas both me and Rebekah had. But of course this was made easy by our Nottingham Ninjas! Eager well behaved young grasshoppers they were!

The constant help and check ins by Emma from DTP and Dance4 provided comforting support the session seem to just go by so quick and after plenty of warm up games, katas, street dance foundations, and being animals; before you knew it we had a piece! A big thank you has to go to the parents who made life so easy by organizing their busy schedules around the rehearsals and keeping me and Rebekah updated.

Then it got to show day, having met some of the cast the night before, thanks to Rebekah, the Ninjas were left inspired and ready to go. Such amazing confidence, and passion to perform I couldn’t have been more proud! Definitely an amazing group of young people. Then watching the show. Let’s just say I’m still struggling to find the words to describe it now.

Definitely one of the best dance theatre productions I think I will ever see. Thank you to DTP and Boy Blue for creating this opportunity and more. You have left me with a mission I aim to accomplish. One was be a ninja but the other more important one was to strive to keep providing and encouraging these kinds of opportunities that show the importance of art and culture in our communities.

So much to say but I’ll end on just a big thank you to every single person who was involved and supported. Have you seen the Boy Blue Entertainment Piece, if so what did you think?'