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Toward a re-activation of Xavier Le Roy’s ‘Project’: call for performers / participants research workshop

Xavier Le Roy’s work is concerned with conditions for choreographic production; there is at times an indistinct boundary between process and product within his rigorous and specific approach evident in ‘Project’ which he performed at Nottdance in 2004. The performance followed a long research process in which he worked with a large group of performers developing games for performance. In ‘Project’ what we might understand as choreographic decisions are made by the performers in the moment of performance - this as a consequence of their attention to the rules of the games. Within the rules that are made through the parameters proposed by Le Roy, there is also an intent to include spectators as ‘agents’ having an impact on the playing out of the game-like choreographic event.

At time of writing I am preparing for a research workshop ‘in proximity’ to Xavier Le Roy’s ‘Project’ – working not to re-create the Nottdance performance of ‘Project’, but to activate, or re-activate, his approach in ‘Project’ to creating particular conditions for a choreographic event. We will work with his ‘general rules score’ for ‘Project.’ See the post ‘call out for participants’ below.

Toward a re-activation of Xavier Le Roy’s ‘Project’: call for performers / participants

research workshop and public event

led by Rosanna Irvine

Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th April at Siobhan Davies Studios London

Xavier Le Roy performed ‘Project’ as part of Nottdance Festival 2004, a work which, typical of Le Roy’s approach, is concerned with posing specific problems. Addressing the relations between production, process and product, Le Roy worked with groups of performers to develop rules for games that would be ‘performed’ in theatre situations. The problem he probed in ‘Project’ was around the co-existence of ‘choreographic rules’ with ‘the application of rules’ that are made for games (Le Roy). In situating the subsequent ‘games’ as choreography the project raises questions around representation, authorship and spectatorship. For more about ‘Project’ see www.insituproductions.net/_eng/frameset.html. Click on ‘Productions’ then on ‘Project 2003.’

 Le Roy has made available a ‘General Rules Score’ for ‘Project.’ In the research workshop we will work with this to begin to construct (new) games and new rules for a performance event. This will involve working together while talking, moving, playing, negotiating, agreeing, disagreeing and more.  It may also involve microphones, pre-recorded music and live video. We will perform these (new) games as a choreographic event with a public at the end of the four days, followed by open dialogue/discussion.

If you would like to participate please contact rosanna [dot] irvine [at] gmail [dot] com with a paragraph about yourself, your background and experiences and why you are interested in the project. Dance artists and performers with an interest in conceptually orientated, physical, and improvisational approaches to performance making may be particularly interested – but those who are less familiar with these (choreographic) approaches and open to the indicated territory in performance practices are also invited to get in touch. 

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