We are committed to the development and presentation of innovative art and performance. Our work goes some way towards providing audiences with greater opportunities to experience outstanding work.

Our ambition is to provide people with the chance to see and be inspired by choreographers who challenge notions of what art, and more specifically dance, is.

Working with key partners across the region and beyond, through programming and touring, Dance4 offers audiences a range of events, performances and participation opportunities that put them at the heart of some of the most exciting performance around.

Whether we programme our own festival and events, or support a partner venue by helping to put their dance season together, we are able to offer an insight into some of the most remarkable and exciting national and international artists and practice.

The Dance4 team travels widely to see artists and make links with venues, festivals and other choreographic development centres. We also receive hundreds of DVD’s from artists keeping us up to date with their latest work.

Nottdance Festival

The now bienniele nottdance festival will continue to be a key part of our programming activity whilst regional collaborative partnerships, and regional platforms as well as projects like Big Dance allow us to programme exciting work all year round.

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Get in touch

If you think that you or your company have a piece of work that we may be interested in engaging with, or are developing a project or practice that we should know about, send us an online video link, supporting images and any detailed information about yourself/yourselves that will help us consider whether we can offer support.

Alternatively you can email stuart [at] dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk (Stuart), Dance4′s Producer Artists.