Emma Newitt talks about Candoco Dance Company

Emma Newitt talks about Candoco Dance Company

Hey Everyone! So last week I jumped on the train and travelled to Stanmore, London to begin my first official day as a Local Hero for Nottingham with Candoco Dance Company.

This new project allows young people to engage with local audience members to create interest and excitement around Candoco's Dance Company visit to our community. In my case this new work will be showcased at Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham and working closely with Dance4 (which I am over the moon about!) I applied for this project with the hopes of engaging into integrated dance further and being part of an important process for any dance company and new work. 

Being a Local Hero means that we have the opportunities to engage with Candoco Dance Company through a variety of mediums, this includes attending previews of Hetain Patel's new work in progress which is being performed in our community. It allows us to have the opportunity to gaininvaluable experience in communications and marketing whilst gaining a knowledge and understanding of how a mid-scale touring dance company operates. It's a personally great opportunity for me to continue my professional development and engage with a company that I have always looked up to in regards to my interests in dance and disability. 

I had a really great day meeting the other Hero's from across the country and of who will be taking this journey with Candoco too! :D We where made to feel welcome and at ease, I felt part of the team from the start of the day and was even given a little bag of things (including a tshirt and a USB which is so nice, thankyou!) 

Watching the preview of Hetain Patel's new work he has been developing with the Candoco Dance Company was so much fun and I felt part of the process as he asked for audience feedback and questioned how particular things where to us as the audience. (I don't want to give too much away) but it's BRILLIANT and not what I expected at all. I also think it's particularly different to the work I have previously seen done by Candoco Dance Company, it show's their versatility to work with new ideas into creating a dance piece which doesn't always has to be about moving through the space but something a lot different and more visually pleasing to the eye.  

I really cannot wait to see how this continue to develops and the paths he chooses to go down nearer the end of the creative process.

This project is so exciting, love being a Hero already!

Talk Soon,

Em x

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