The Choreographers: Oh Canada

The Choreographers: Oh Canada

Collectively since 2008 Katie Ward, Thea Patterson, Audree Juteau and Peter Trosztmer search for vulnerability through physical and emotional risk, their curiosity hovers around the point between irony and sincerity.

The infinite range between form and formlessness serves as a point of departure for creation, along with possibilities of making and breaking their own rules.

Starting with the brashly nationalistic declaration of "Oh Canada!" with its potential to both divide and unify, The Choreographers, using their unique blend of athleticism and humour investigate the landscapes and political environments that have shaped them. Both a love letter and a darker reflection of a deeper seeded antipathy, Oh Canada oscillates between the sublime and the ridiculous.

Co-produced by Dance4 (UK) and Studio 303, Montreal (CAN) and the support of the Canadian Arts Council.

If your interested in booking Oh Canada please contact the Producing Team: producingteam [at] dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk or 0115 941 0773

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