The Disco Disco Project | Hannah McBrien & Rachel Gildea

The Disco Disco Project | Hannah McBrien & Rachel Gildea

The Disco Disco Project is a duet devised and performed by Hannah McBrien and Rachel Gildea. The work is based on their past experiences of competitive freestyle disco dancing, which they both competed in for many years.

The Disco Disco Project is a loving critique of the pleasure and the pain of that world. It aims to explore, challenge, and highlight many of the questions they have around the dancing body and the female form, making a wider reference to female youth culture and the ‘body beautiful’ obsession.

'Disco Disco invites us to lovingly laugh at ourselves and the absurdities that arise when performers compete for the limelight. Watching it I recognized many of my childish experiences of performing and stopped to ask myself just how much changes as we grow up? Humorous, insightful and poignant - looking forward to more!'
- Jess Murray, MotionFlow.

The Disco Disco Project won the SLAPmoves Prize in April 2014 and received mentoring from female double act 70/30 Split (Lydia Cottrell and Sophie Unwin). The work has since been performed on platform ‘Burst!’ at Yorkshire Dance (May 2014) and Coventry University (September 2014). It has been supported by Coventry Universities School of Art and Design through the Graduate Fund.

Hannah McBrien and Rachel Gildea were in residence with Dance4 from 20 - 21 November 2014.

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