Intercouse | Louise Ahl

Intercouse | Louise Ahl

Louise is a UK-based choreographer and a New Associated Artist at Yorkshire Dance. Louise completed a residency at Dance4 from 3 - 9 September 2012 in which she worked on her project Intercourse.

Intercourse is a research project in collaboration with dance and performance critics, leading up to the creation of a new piece of dance performance. The lack of dialogue between performance critics and makers has created a weak discourse around dance. This counterproductive situation initiated an idea to collaborate with a range of critics and invite them into the choreographic process, partly to instigate a knowledge production within the field of dance but also to expand the notion of the artist as a critic. The project started in April 2012 with a two - week residency at Dance Base (Edinburgh) with Glasgow-based performance critic Gareth K Vile.
The title
'Intercourse' is set to investigate (through performance) a dance discourse that is not solely based on the written or spoken communication – but instead to play around the idea of the relationship and interaction between critic, performer and audience as an act of sexual intercourse.’
- Louise Ahl
With little time to rest, Louise went to Glasgow for a residency at The Work Room to carry on with her investigation into the project from 15 - 23 September 2012. She then took part in Festival Critiques during 4 – 11 December 2012 where she performed a presentation on 'Intercourse'  and took part in various workshops.

Louise Ahl is a Swedish-born choreographer and performer, based in Glasgow. Through an expanded idea of dance and choreography, she creates solo work with her performance alter-ego Ultimate Dancer, but also work collaboratively with other people.

'In seeking to kill ideas about dance in order to allow dance to be born again, Ultimate Dancer is following the most ancient and profound of meta-narratives, acting as a shaman to discover and bring back new knowledge and forge possibilities.'
- **** The Skinny on This is not a Dance,  August 2011.

Louise studied theatre in Sweden, Choreography in Berlin and received a First Class BA Choreography from Dartington College of Arts in 2010. Her work has been shown across the UK, Germany, France, Australia and Denmark and has been supported through Creative Scotland, Arts Council England and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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