A Week Of Artist Residencies

A Week Of Artist Residencies

Last week at Dance4 we were happy to welcome five incredible dance artists and choreographers - Gary Clarke, Sioned Huws, Charles Linehan, Miguel Pereira and Angela Woodhouse. This is what they got up to during that week...

Gary Clarke’s LUSTRUM brings together 15 dance artists and live music to devise, create and showcase five dance works – a solo, a duet, a trio, a quartet and a quintet - created in only five days. The collaborative project is fast and furious driven by creative instinct and quick-fire choices. LUSTRUM uses chance to dictate outcomes. Participants switch between roles of choreographer and performer from day to day, experimenting with the generation of material and the creation of performance work in a spontaneous and non-critical way.

Sioned Huws piece Aomori Aomori is part of a long-term collaboration that links the mountains of Sioned’s native Wales with the landscape of Aomori in Japan. The performance brings together a cast of ten dancers, musicians and singers from across the globe, alongside local performers for the latest incarnation of the Aomori Project: a celebration of transformational landscapes and architectural spaces.

Choreographer Charles Linehan’s work is full of rigor and eloquence. Working in close collaboration with his dancers, he creates choreography that demands the undivided attention of its audience. Realised with a masterful attention to detail and a finely tuned sense of balance across the elements of movement, light and music, Linehan’s work is uncluttered and lyrical. 

In Miguel Pereira’s latest project he proposes dance as an activity of thinking and reflection but also of sharing, returning it to the people, to the community and demystifying the elitist character often associated to it as an artistic category. Miguel is currently working with a mixed group of performers, both professional dancers and amateur performers, bridging the worlds of the professional field of dance and performance made by those who practice it as a hobby or for pleasure.

Choreographer Angela Woodhouse will investigate a new collaborative partnership with internationally renowned sculptor Nathaniel Rackowe. The residency at Lace Market Gallery forms the first stage in the initial research phase towards the development of a performance installation that incorporates body, surface and light. The aim is to investigate the dichotomy between an experience of intimacy within a situation in which people are divided. A period of testing materials will be followed by selected sharings in London supported by Bischoff Weiss Gallery and Middlesex University. The research is funded by Arts Council England and Middlesex University with additional support from Lace Market Gallery Nottingham and Dance 4. This project was shortlisted for the Jerwood Choreographic Research Award.

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