Adam Kinner Residency

Adam Kinner Residency

Last week we had Adam Kinner and Jana Jevtovic in the Dance4 Studio.

 "The dancing body, appearing with its tendency towards vulnerability, immediacy and abstraction, becomes cut-through, bound, and undermined by discourse. When faced with dancing bodies, we speak, we converse, we explain, we describe; we translate from the preverbal language of the body into the vernacular of dance discourse. In dance, discourse is a problem through which we must continually travel. Or, it is not a problem at all.

The room is a project in which dancing bodies in a room continually seek to (re-)embody discourse. In the worldview of the project, the room is a performer on the stage of the festival. For the duration of a festival or research period, performers Adam Kinner and Jana Jevtović occupy a room. In the room, they continuously map the rhythms, densities, and affects of discourse onto the body and into the space. Each day they bring various discourses into the room, sourced from the context surrounding the room (a festival, a residency, a political situation, an historical site, etc).

 As a kind of laboratory of embodying discourse, the room highlights the reductive power of meaning and finds a strategy for expanding discourse back into a movement of bodies and an encounter with other bodies—bodies that hold abstraction, multiple knowledges, and complex vulnerabilities. The room folds the context that surrounds it into the room itself, as a continuous loop of embodiment. Eventually, another layer of discourse arises: the discourse that follows the embodiment of discourse. And so goes the endless oscillation between bodies and languages."

The room is a project initiated by Adam Kinner, in collaboration with performer Jana Jevtović and dramaturge Noémie Solomon.

Adam Kinner and Jana Jevtović will be developing/performing the room as part of the Forest Fringe in Edinburgh at The Out Of The Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh EH6 8RG from Tuesday 12 - Sunday 17 August, 11am - 11pm. Audience are welcomed into the space for two hours everyday, which two hours of the day will vary.

Photographs by Heather Forknell

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