Katie Ward Residency

Katie Ward Residency

Katie Ward's thoughts and writings during her time in the Dance4 Studio working on Infinity Doughnut.

Day 1:Going deep - not knowing. Body scan - experiment with decision making - play with speed consistency and tone. It is the mind and the body together that make the decisions. Lets bring the heart in to our scan. Can we break open what we are doing to find the essence of what it is? We will do – body origami, rolls and bat man. Audrée will lead the audience - Dany will do the folding and Peter and Patrick will perform the philosophical web. Make space for Dany’s face! Lets include all the parts of ourselves. We want to create a warm environment an open place where people are part of the architecture - we will work beside them and off of them. Once we get to the part where we shake – it is as though we are performing everyone’s reality. Do you feel the world is too violent? We move before thinking about it. The arms of Peter are connected to the dream we all had about Infinity Doughnut last week. Patrick’s breakfast is connected to the future baby Dany. Those connections exist somehow. Les bras de Patrick sont connectés à une danse égyptienne.

Day 3: How can we stay continuous yet infinite? Does infinity mean it will go on forever? I realise that I have been thinking about infinity in terms of infinite space and infinite matter yet not thinking of the time component…How can we create space and time for all things and yet visit all things?

Day 4: I am interested in a super precise yet personal movement… I hope to access this by scanning the body – we each scan from our own perspective and interests. When we scan our bodies in stillness and in movement we: Scan from feeling: looking for where the tension is in the body and where it wants to bring the body. Not necessarily reacting to what the tension does -  just noticing. Try to find a release in the joints by sometimes choosing a movement and imagining that joint releasing -  once the release happens  you move to a new  position. Relying on trust  -  trying to move the body because the body wants to move. Moving from environmental suggestions and other strong associations. Switching channels. How do the organs relate also to these influences. How do the organs, muscles, joints, bones work within a greater environment? Sentir le poids qui pousse et il decie ce qu’il relache. Est ce que la resistance est donc dans le coude, poignet ou els doigts? Debour c’ets plus diffifcile à informer les membres supérieures.

Choreographer : Katie Ward

Performers: Audrée Juteau, Patrick Lamothe, Dany Desjardins, Peter Trosztmer

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