Miguel Pereira reflects on his residency in the Dance4 Studio

Miguel Pereira reflects on his residency in the Dance4 Studio

During the 3 week residency in the Dance4 Studio we developed the work HAPPY PIECE. During that time we discovered how to unlock the piece's future potential.

In the beginning of our residency it was a great chance for getting to know one another - the performers and collaborators, the amateaur performers and all of the volunteers. It was a crucial time to learn about one another's practices and the way in which we all individually work. This gave us the opportunity to engage in future possibilities and exchange ideas.

We worked on some choreographic material with the dancers/performers, trying to analyse and understand what happens and changes in our bodies once we start to work with a specific frame of dance movements. We were interested in thinking about efficiency, control and execution.

  • What is our dance history, our personal history, our lives, what is behind the conventions and culture?
  • What’s the meaning of happiness?
  • What happiness represents in our western societies?
  • Whats the connection between happiness and the idea of entertainment, show and theatre?

 To confront the world of professional and/or amateur, we met amateur artists that showed us their world and their artistic skills. We were looking for what drove them to follow an artistic practice and what about this made them happy. We then tried to translate this through dance and entertainment.

We worked on the concept of a curtain made of bodies and we shared this idea with a group of volunteers; trying to concentrate on the tension between a person and/or being an object . We explored ideas of simetry, illusion and optical effects.

We began to exchange experiences with some of the non professional performers, like repeating the choreography that we used during the rehearsals and exchanging dance routines and material with the group.

We discussed lights with our light designer and we explored live music and sound with our sound and music designer, which gave us the possibility of developing and experimenting some variations with the song “Happy Days Are Here Again”, a cultural symbol that represent the idea of happiness related with the world of showbizz.

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