Katherine Hall & Sian Rosier's VOLVER Residencey

Katherine Hall & Sian Rosier's VOLVER Residencey

Volver is a performance research project that is exploring the significance of perception to the balances and imbalances of mental health through movement and vocal improvisation.

"Sian and myself, are developing a live work as part of the research project that explores key processes that we have recognised as pertinent to the state of our well-being.

On our first day in the Dance4 studio, we arrived with an new member to the team, Jamie who is supporting the live works production transitions and lighting design. We spent the morning with him adjusting to a new environment and 'giving time to arriving'. In our practice we have found that it is useful to give time to arriving so that you are able to find a balanced co-working. Jamie managed the physical technical rigging and Sian and I prepared the jars and other pieces of set.

After a mezze lunch Sian and I got into the space and warmed up our bodies including the voice. In one of our warm up exercises we question what we can see, to ask ourselves to see with our whole body. 

I think it will help to close the eyes.

I can see finding your way
I can see hand wiping
I can see delicate hands pinching air
I can see interchanging arms reaching
I can see start with what I was doing before
I can see curling of the fingers against the shoulder
I can see patterns of hands

Throughout the afternoon we focused on developing the beginning sections of the work which explore patterns of anxiety and loneliness.

“If fear is fearful of something particular and determinate, then anxiety is anxious about nothing in particular and is indeterminate. ...anxiety is anxious about being-in-the-world as such. Anxiety is experienced in the face of something completely indefinite. It is, Heidegger insists, ‘nothing and nowhere” (Critchley, 2009).

nothing and nowhere.

We attempted to translate the feelings of nothing or being nowhere into movements and song coming into contact and away again.

attaching - detaching

Apart from the door
the angle of my joints
my shoulders are crumbling
I can’t use it anymore

I think I live to get carried away
As long as i’m feeling the ground beneath me"

Katherine Hall and Sian Rosier are two UK based dance and performance artists. During their time in the Dance4 Studio they will be researching a developing their piece VOLVER which is planned to showcase in 2015.

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