The Tacit World of the Dancer

Rachel Farrer is currently undertaking a PhD at The University of Bedfordshire, she is exploring tacit aspects of the dancers role within the choreographic process.

The world of the professional dancer has developed radically in the past 50 years and so have the skills they employ in response to it. Undertaking a range of creative, performative and choreographic roles with a variety of companies, artists and projects means that today’s dancer manages an extensive range of skills that go beyond just technical skill and ability. This research aims to question what these skills are and how they are learnt. Early research indicates that a dancer’s approach to their work is influenced by tacit knowledge sharing—observing others, hearing stories, having informal conversations with peers—as well as the technical knowledge they learn through training and education.

During Rachel's time at Dance4 she will be working with a group of dancers to explore these ideas and learn about the emerging aspects of a dancers work that are not formally acknowledged or discussed. Rachel will share this with Dance4’s network and hear other dancer’s stories and experiences to build a clearer picture of these issues in the wider dance community.