Nicola Conibere: The Beckoning and The Escapades

Nicola Conibere: The Beckoning and The Escapades

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Dance4 Associate Artist Nicola makes work that explores the role of the body in performance, with a particular interest in how an audience's presence completes a live event.

Her work ranges from durational performance to more conventional theatre formats; shown in galleries and studios as well as theatre spaces.

Two performers move through a looped series of everyday and convivial interactions. Each time a spectator enters the performance an element of framing - prop, music, lighting or costume - is introduced, and when that same spectator leaves the same element is removed. 

If you are interested in booking The Beckoning and The Escapades please contact the Dance4 Producing Team: producingteam [at] dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk or 0115 941 0773

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