Aomori Aomori Tour

Aomori Aomori Tour

Sioned Huws (UK / Japan)
We are happy to announce that Sioned Huws' Aomori Aomori is on tour!

Part of a long term collaboration that links the mountains of Sioned's native Wales with the landscape of Aomori Japan, this performance brings together a cast of ten dancers, musicians and singers from across the globe alongside other local performers for the latest incarnation of Aomori Project; a celebration of transformational landscapes and architectual spaces.

Featuring Tsugaru teodori dancer Yoshiya Ishikawa, Tsugaru Shamisen-Hasegawa Sanden-kai and minyo singer Kiyoko Goto; the dance, sounds and songs of Tsugaru reflect the vigor of human resilience between man and nature.

Dates and wherabouts of the tour are:

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