Open Studio: Sound and Movement

Open Studio: Sound and Movement

Diane Wiltshire
Friday 18 August 2017
iC4C 2 Dakeyne StreetNottingham NG3 2AR
SAM, translates intangible human interaction into form, exploring the language of interaction and the dialogue of dance.

The dancers and choreography play a central role with the aim to emotionally engage the audience through movement in very close proximity to each individual audience member.

This work blurs the boundaries between the environment, the performers and the audience.  SAM is a coded space which is different each time, because it is reacting to physiological data and the audience responce to the dancers. There are specially designed wearable technologies, allowing the audience to feel the performative space and the intangible interactions of the inhabitants.

Audience members will be asked to stand in the space, they free to move around and if they wish can stop participating at anytime. The performance will be half an hour long and there will be fluctuating light levels as well as music generated from wearable devices.

FREE (Suitable for 16+)

This project is supported using public funding from Arts Council England and Horizon Digital Economy.