Dance4's Jim a conversation between Maria Witek, post-doctoral researcher (Denmark) and dance artist Lucy Suggate (UK).
23rd September
Maria Witek and Lucy Suggate
Dance4's Jim hosts a conversation between choreographer Janine Harrington (London, UK) and Theresa Caruana, an instillation and media artist (Nottingham, UK).
23rd September
Janine Harrington and Theresa Caruana


Working in partnership with Nottingham Lakeside Arts, Dance4 is excited to co-present an eclectic range of fun and creative performances for all ages, from a number of diverse dance companies.
25th August
U.Dance is back for 2016!
19th August
In 2015 we celebrate close to ten years of the Dance4 and Critical Path exchange.
18th August
With Quick Shifts' residency at Dance4 this week, here's a little overview of recent work by the group of movement improvisers...
17th August
We're excited that a number of artists we work with are performing at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and artist Rosemary Butcher is presenting at Tanz im August Festival, Berlin.
10th August
Autumn reveals the beginning of 25 funding campaigns, plans for our new home, the big build up to our 25th birthday and of course, loads of fantastic events and performances across the region!
7th August
In celebration of David’s recent success, we have compiled an article acknowledging past, present and future projects of the Nottingham artist.
5th August
Celebrating his journey, one success to the next!
Thanks to illustrator Gemma Latimer, we are happy to showcase the exciting new image above.
5th August
The illustrator who has given our campaign vision!
Dance4's Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) students' End of Year Performance last Friday at Nottingham Lakeside Arts proved to be a true success with several exceptional performances from our students as well as a performance from Primary Steps.
5th August
...full house, beautiful dancers and launch news!


New Art Club 'is that rare and cherishable thing: a contemporary dance comedy act.'
29th July
An edited version of the original 24 minute clip of Matt and Victor's conversation, the 7th in our series of A Conversation Place episodes.
27th July
#7 Matt Fenton and Victor Fung
The Nottingham 2015 CPISRA World Games Opening Ceremony will host a spectacular evening of performances from professionals, amateurs and community members.
20th July
Tickets are now on sale
Dance4's Jim introduces Matt Fenton (sat in his kitchen in Manchester) to Victor Fung (Middlesex).
16th July
Matt Fenton and Victor Fung


Each of the A Place To Dance sessions are now available to watch online for free.
26th June
The theme for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Nottingham 2015 CPISRA (Cerebral Palsy International Sports & Recreation Association) World Games have been announced as ‘Aspirations and Transformations’.
23rd June
As part of Dance4's A Place To Dance? event, artist Alison Lloyd led a two-hour walking performance through the parklands surrounding Nottingham Lakeside Arts and on to Wollaton Park on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 June.
22nd June
Alison Lloyd (UK)
Contemporary Art Magazine 'this is tomorrow' live streamed yesterday's A Place To Dance session on their website and you can watch it right now, for free.
19th June
East Midlands groups who showcased their talents at county and regional events in the Spring will now be showcased at the National Youth Dance Festival.
10th June
Wednesday 22 - Saturday 25 July, Plymouth
Over the course of four days, Dance4 will bring the people of Nottingham and further afield together with the aim of making people think about where is a place to dance.
5th June
Beth Gardiner, a student from Dance4's Centre for Advanced Training programme and one of the Young Creative Award winners of 2015, talks to ITV Central News about her success story.
3rd June


18 year old Jamal Sterrett of St Anns has been announced as Young Creative of the Year at Nottingham Young Creative Awards, as well as winner of the dance category, following his submission of a filmed dance piece set next to the tramlines.
20th May
Young Creative Awards 2015
Sally chats to Dance4's Marketing & PR Officer, Alex Broughton about her upcoming improvised performance, Hourglass in response to Backlit Gallery's Einstein On The Beach exhibition.
6th May
Hourglass, Backlit Gallery 1PM & 3PM Sat 9 May.