Producing and presenting work is a key element of Dance4’s programme and is targeted to develop and deliver new work for a range of audiences.

Nottdance continues to live up to its reputation as one of Europe's leading dance festivals, known for its innovative and entertaining programme, with a question of what dance can be at its core.

It started out in 1995 as a small weekend festival organised by Nottinghamshire County Council to give local artists the chance to perform their work, and was taken on in 1997 by Dance4. Since then it has changed to meet the questions and needs of the time, showcasing some of the best national and internationsl artists and performers in contemporary dance. The festival became a biennial event in March 2011.

The festival has not lost sight of its sense of excitement and continues to bring a selection of the most innovative work from the UK and beyond to Nottingham, frequently premiering productions.  In addition, much of the work is made by artists who have an ongoing relationship with Dance4 and with the East Midlands region and many of the shows are made in part right here with the support of Dance4.

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