Fun in sun at Skeggy!

Fun in sun at Skeggy!

Dance4 placement student Faye McDool tell us about her experience of the SO Festival on its finale weekend in Skegness...

This year Rebecca Hayter, Becky Bailey and I attended the SO festival in Skegness along with two artists, Matthias Sperling who created the discussion project Dance So You Think You Can and Bodies in Flight with their piece Dream-Walk

SO festival is and annual festival based in East Lindsey on the Lincolnshire coast and brings together international and local artists to perform dance, visual art, street theatre and music performances. SO festival also draws in people from all areas from the country to the district to share the cultural event jam packed of live art, dance music and colour and aims to help change their perception of East Lindsey. 

First arriving at the festival on Friday to look around, I was welcomed by the blissful sound of live music. Un-signed bands and musicians really are what makes a festival and got me into the sprit before we had even started.

Up early on Saturday morning and in to the boiling sun. Today was the first day our two artists performed and participated the in festival. The festival for this day was filled with local dance groups on the main stage and also international artists around Tower Gardens and on the coast.


Every performance slot was limited to 16 spaces due to headsets and most slots was full! Audience members after each performance commented on how fantastic it was and also said how they now appreciate Skegness for the place it is. Dream-Walk celebrates the Great British Seaside Holiday by walking from the train station to the beach itself to get a taste of fun in the Sun, sea and sand that Skeggy offers us! Personally, the performance made me remember Skegness as I did as a child. The over whelming lights as the constant urge built to gamble with my 2p on the slots and the need to eat Fish and Chips and Ice Cream!

Dance So You Think You Can

What are our ideas of dance? How do we understand the relationship between dancing and thinking?  Everywhere I looked, I saw people of all ages wearing the T-Shirts! Herds of people came and shared what they thought of Dance and took part in this discussion project. On the Saturday, while promoting this project to the crowd, I came across a young boy who all he wanted to do was dance. I felt inspired by his drive and motivation for his dream. He was 6 years old! On the Sunday, I met some elderly people who loved to Morris dance and Line dance and were open and willing to share their views. All, got a free T-Shirt!

Sunday morning we were again up early and ready to hit the rays again! Safe to say we were covered head to toe in sun cream and bought cowboy hats! Safety First. I was blessed again to hear the delightful sound of live music. With Saturday’s performances under our belt, we were raring for more! Some audience members were that impressed by our two artists, they came back again and brought friends and family to see it and take part again!  Success! Over the weekend there was a constant buzz for the festival, the sunshine and Wimbledon finals! Truly was a perfect weekend and a triumph for East Lindsey, SO festival.

To finish and to top off the weekend, we celebrated the achievement for the two days with Fish, chips and Ice cream. A typical Skegnerian Dinner! 

Faye McDool