Short But Sweet

My time at Dance4 has been like a freshly baked cake: warm, inviting and gone to quickly.

The ingredients (the team), a large mixing bowl (the office) come together not only to create a wonderful combination of flavours, but to produce a well baked cake with a clean up of the crumbs after. 

Don't be fooled my days were not just filled with cake and tea - even if you do have to at times make seventeen cups of the stuff - most of my time was spent working on the British Dance Edition held in Scotland. This included organising and booking travel and hotels, talking to the artist supported by Dance4 on who they would like to meet, researching into other delegates that were attending the festival and updating the website.

The long journey north to Scotland was worth it, not only because of the beautiful city of Edinburgh, but the experience as a whole. I volunteered at the festival, (which in all honestly involved a lot of standing and moving chairs), however the opportunities outweighed all of this. I got to meet many national and international students who held the same interests as me and I was captivated by their stories and general friendliness of it all.

For me the best times were in between these shifts (not just because of the amount of chocolate consumed), but meeting artists Rita Macarlo, Chris Dugrenier, Simone Kenyon and Miguel Pereira. Talking to them about their work, other artists, other work, what they have seen and what they have done.

Spending time with Stuart was amazing, just seeing how he supported the artists whilst there and what is involved with support that Dance4 gives. Seeing Claire and Paul every time with someone new, constantly going from meeting to meeting in the bustling environment. All three made me feel involved at every stage, introducing me to people and giving me an insight into what it takes to be part of this world.

It seems that everything I do with Dance4 leads to something sweet. I was approached by the British Dance Edition team and asked to be a plant in Liz Aggiss's performance on the Thursday evening, it may involve some talking to audience I was told. In fact it was handing out sweets whilst saying innuendos to the audience members during her interval. Yet I should have known, as I had seen some of Liz's work before so had a feeling that talking wouldn’t just be talking.

On my return back to the East Midlands the following up process has begun, which means my time has come to an end and my last piece of cake has been eaten. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Dance4.

Sian Rosier