Sioned Huws

Sioned Huws

Sioned Huws is a choreographer whose work, Odori-Dawns-Dance: Forest & Clearing is being developed & presented as part of Nottdance 2017. She is also the artistic director of Aomori Project, a long-term collaboration since it’s beginning in 2008.

Sioned Huws was born in 1965, Bangor, North Wales, and lives between Wales, London, Sumita Town, Japan and works internationally. She is an associate artist with Dance4 Nottingham; this is her third year in residency with Rikuzentakata Artist in Residency Program and since 2013 she has studied and continues to dance the Deer Dance of Tohoku, Japan, with dancers of Kakinaizawa Shishi-odori Gyouzan-ryu, Iwate.  Her current project Odori-Dawns-Dance in collaboration with traditional and contemporary dancers and choreographers’ reveals the poetry of dance and community, as a large family, an aggregate, the situations, and the friendships. With a particular focus to the Shishi-odori, an animistic ritual dance, a prayer in action, derived from the complexity of community, landscape and mythology.

Sioned started making contemporary dance and performance in New York 1989, whilst studying at the Merce Cunningham Studios. From 2008 she studied Aomori Tsugaru Te-odori dance with Yoshiya Ishikawa, part of her Aomori Project in collaboration with choreographer Reina Kimura, and toured to over twenty international venues in Japan, Singapore and Europe, including local communities in each place 2008-15. Sioned’s work focuses on perception, memory, person and place within choreographic structures; systems patterning small details that allow for the unexpected within a world sensed through an awareness of physical movement; 2009 she was recipient of a Creative Wales Ambassadors Award, 2009 and 2015 an International Program Award The Saison Foundation, Tokyo, in collaboration with ARTizan - Aomori Project and Odori-Dawns-Dance.

She has been awarded a second International Program Award by the Saison Foundation which marks the beginning of a new project Odori-Dawns Dance. Sioned has been a guest artist at Joshibi University of Art and Design (Tokyo) since 2012, and is resident artist at Greenwich Dance, London and Chapter, Cardiff.

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