An Intern's Blog

Dance Programme and Digital Media Intern Emma Lewis-Jones recounts her experiences over the past six months, as her internship comes to an end.

Upon graduating, I was fortunate enough to be offered work in an area that thoroughly interests me. I am passionate about contemporary practices for the moving body and about communicating ideas. The Dance Programme and Digital Media Internship with Dance4 meant that I could research into these areas and embark on professional life.

The work I was given as part of my internship was structured with real range across different projects. This is not to say the job didn’t feel thorough – I was able to work in-depth on a variety of different areas. Dealing with this variety taught me a lot about being systematic, working as part of a team to reach deadlines and structuring my week in order to do so.

One of the areas I prioritised was data cleansing. Sorting, filing and tagging data in order to prepare Dance4 for a move into a new home and a more productive online customer filing environment, was something that took me a while to feel confident with. I was completely new to Excel and Tessitura when I arrived at Dance4 in July, but after spending time in the organisation, understanding the systems in place and improvements to be made, I became aware of the importance of data collection for a regional organisation with wide-spread audiences and a broad programme.

Other projects I took on included supporting the logistics of A Conversation Place; an online series of conversations between practitioners across the world, hosted by Dance4. This was really exciting work and I was able to assist in the discovering, introducing, editing and publishing of many paired discussions for virtual audiences.

Distributing information is something I knew was important, but by working on the daily social media campaigns, I realised the true extent to which the free, global platforms were central to Dance4’s outreach.

In order to get the most out of this role I knew it would be as much about observing the admin and marketing work as it would be about networking; engaging with staff, artists, audiences in discussions. It is the drive to discover practices and theories in the world of contemporary performance and choreography that makes being part of Dance4 so fulfilling.

I have also learned about language; exploring vocabulary that entices, that sells, that specifies. A multitude of voices sit within Dance4 and it is their ethos to embrace individuals and the dialogues that sit in between and across disciplines.

As a new member of staff, I felt both valuable and privileged to be a part of Dance4’s community. My relationship to the organisation shall continue; as everyone who works with Dance4 finds.

Have body, will dance.