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  • Vicky Malin reflects on her first week as Dinis Machado's collaborator for Practicing Paradigm at Lace Market Gallery.
    1 December 2015
    Heather Forknell


  • We talk to choreographer and visual artist Dinis Machado ahead of his four-week performance installation 'Practicing Paradigm' at Lace Market Gallery. We ask about his plans and also what audiences might see over the coming week.
    10 November 2015
    Heather Forknell
  • Seraina Dejaco is one of nine participants for Joe Moran's installation piece The Body. Here she reflects on her time performing at Nottingham Contemporary over the weekend...
    11 November 2014
    Heather Forknell
  • Volver is a performance research project that is exploring the significance of perception to the balances and imbalances of mental health through movement and vocal improvisation.
    6 November 2014
    Heather Forknell



  • Katie Ward's thoughts and writings during her time in the Dance4 Studio working on Infinity Doughnut.
    10 September 2014
    Heather Forknell
  • Evangelia Kolyra investigates how breathing affects movement and the functionality of the body in relation to shared social experiences.
    5 September 2014
    Heather Forknell


  • Last week we had Adam Kinner and Jana Jevtovic in the Dance4 Studio.
    12 August 2014
    Heather Forknell


  • Last week at Dance4 we were happy to welcome five incredible dance artists and choreographers - Gary Clarke, Sioned Huws, Charles Linehan, Miguel Pereira and Angela Woodhouse. This is what they got up to during that week...
    16 July 2014
    Heather Forknell


  • eNGine Collective are currently working together on their first official project as a group, after forming in the summer of 2013. Here Hannah McBrien talks about eNGine Collective's new project.
    6 June 2014
    Heather Forknell