Week One of Practicing Paradigm

Week One of Practicing Paradigm

Vicky Malin reflects on her first week as Dinis Machado's collaborator for Practicing Paradigm at Lace Market Gallery.

"I am giving myself 50 mins to write this, the approximate length of Paradigm and I am a slow writer and slower typer so lets see how far I get!

I reflected on and made notes about the week in a cafe in Nottingham on Saturday. I wrote my thoughts in a relaxed way and enjoyed having the company of strangers around me and not feeling like I had to engage with anyone. We were all busy doing our different things. I was drawn to looking through the big windows and seeing people passing by. Small details and out of the ordinary things caught my eye. I had a thought that now was my chance to watch Nottingham, reminding me of the glass windows of the Lace Market Gallery. By the way, my thoughts in the cafe and my writing now are not linear! I also thought about a conversation with Dinis about adapting to our environment. I wonder if I can quite quickly feel at home somewhere. The spots that become my local places or points of reference, the new roads, the urge to discover, the researching as well as the stumbling across something. I like finding and scanning all the vintage and charity shops. They recycle and remake some of the clothes, I even notice the cafes I go to use a fire bucket as a lampshade and a plumbing bracket as a cutlery holder. I feel like Dinis is getting me to re-imagine Paradigm. It could be my map of the city and my map of the piece.

Midweek I saw a run of Paradigm without set in the gallery space. I tried to capture the experience in my notebook with words. Words to describe, words to cue certain moments, mainly shifts or points in the space and moments in relation to the music. Sometimes I draw in my notebook but I mainly use words. As my movement tasks settle I wonder if different images will be drawn over the next two weeks. I tried my score a few times in the space and Dinis asked me to describe what I am doing whilst I am doing it. I feel this keeps me focused and makes me aware of what I am doing (or not doing but want to!).  It is helping my experience, and building the score and so I panic less and less about notating all my choices. It will develop, it will come.

As the week progressed I was getting more and more physical as I was revisiting the whole score rather than smaller sections. I am aware of different things at different times, what I am thinking, trying, doing, imagining, if my eyes are open or closed, if I am listening to the printer, or people or music. Do I notice someone looking through the window or standing right next to me. I play with all these things and the experience is so subjective yet shared. Shared in the moment, shared through times to talk. Lunchtimes I have started having a few breaths of fresh air out on the street. It feels like a little escape, a change of space to me."

Practicing Paradigm is open to the public from Thursday 19 November - Thursday 10 December, Mondays - Thursday, 10am - 4pm at Lace Market Gallery, Nottingham NG1 1LP. There is a daily opportunity to engage with the artists in conversation over communal soup from 12.30pm - 1.30pm. For more information click here.